Nigerian Limited Edition

Release Early APRIL 2022

Introducing our latest estate…..Nigeria!...... At Cri o Bru Canada we have searched long and hard over the past few years to find the next evolutionary flavour in our Crio line up. From Columbia to Cameroon we have tried, tested and roasted many different varieties of Cacão beans and have found not just one, but “THE ONE”!

Nigeria boasts properties that no other brewed chocolate has ever offered. After extensive research and development, we’ve finalized three roasts that showcase the best of this Nigerian estate.

NIGERIAN MEDIUM ROAST. – This roast boasts the greatest chocolaty flavour of any brewed chocolate that exists naturally in the market today. It has a very chocolaty flavour that has hints of nuttiness. (Please note there are NO NUTTS in Crio). Oh and did we mention that it is Chocolaty?! To top it off, it has the smoothest finish of any Crio ever. Here is what customers are saying about it.

“WOW. “That is probably the Chocolatiest flavour of the Crio line up I have ever tasted.” –Matt E.

“Oh. My Gosh! This is the best! I love medium roasts…and this is the best!” – Blaine C.

Are they right? YES, they are. After working on the Crio development for 15 years, we can say that this is without a doubt, in our opinion, the best medium roast we have ever created.

NIGERIAN DARK ROAST.- This roast is something special. It’s been hard for us to put a finger on what makes this so special, but wow…It’s AMAZING. Customers have referred to it as “The game changer”, “The best”, “The Enigma”. It’s been so popular amongst the test group we have had the test group knocking on our door late at night begging for more!!  It’s Chocolaty, Smooth, Smoky, and complex with an aftertaste that is oh so nice.

NIGERIAN FRENCH ROAST. – This is a cool product. It’s definatly one that we would put into the “coffee replacement” line. Smooth, Smoky, Coffee- like, with it’s own finish that has chocolate notes. In this category Nigerian French roast is right at the top with Ecuador. Uniquely different;… and uniquely awesome. If you like Ecuador French Roast, then Nigerian French is a nice splash of variety to our darkest roasted Crio line up.

Due to the immense popularity in the test groups we are making this launch, the largest offering in the history of the company, by launching all three varieties at the same time. We are happy to be able to share these awesome Crio varieties with you. They will be available by themselves or in our variety sets.