Crio Bru - 10oz Nigeria Variety Set

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This variety set is the newest and maybe one of the most exciting sets that we have ever offered.  With all of the roasts of Nigeria, you are definitely going to find one, two or maybe even three of your favorite Brus.  Here is a little bit about each roast.

Nigeria Medium Roast - This roast boasts the greatest chocolaty flavor of any brewed chocolate that exists naturally in the market today.  It has a very chocolaty flavor that has hints of chocolate and perhaps a hint of nuttiness (There are NO NUTS in Choffy).  

Nigeria Dark Roast - This roast is something special.  It has been hard for us to put our finger on what makes this so special.  It is AMAZING.  It has a Dark Chocolaty Flavor that is smooth and has a nice roasted component.  It is complex and has an aftertaste that is oh so nice.

Nigeria French Roast - This is a cool product.  It is roasted dark.  It is definitely one that I would put into the “Coffee Replacement” line.  Complex, robust, smoky, smooth and coffee-like with its own finish that has chocolate notes.  In this category Nigeria French Roast is right at the top with Ecuador.  They are uniquely different and uniquely awesome.  If you like Ecuador Dark Roast, then Nigeria French Roast is a nice splash of variety to our darkest roasted Brus.