Violet Flavour Extract

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These small sample bottles are filled to  1/8th, 3.7 ml. They are for those who are looking to try Crio Bru and add variation to flavour experiences.

By adding 1-3 drops into your brew, you can try your favourite flavours before committing to the 15 ML bottles.

Some of the Medicine Flower Flavours really bring out the hidden under-lying notes in the various brews.

For example Maracaibo has notes of cherry naturally occurring in the bean, these are picked up from the surrounding soils when growing and are not added to the bean.

So when you add for example, the Medicine Flower Black cherry flavour extract into the brewed grounds, it really compliments the grounds and gives you an amazing flavourful experience. 

With some of the Crio grounds we have added other herbs and Spices:

 With the Mint,  we have added additional Mint oil to the grounds during manufacuring. However we can only give it a mild to mid range strength  making it palatable for all customers.

Some customers would like the Mint to be stronger. Now you can make it to your personal taste ....By adding 1-3 drops of the Medicine flower Mint to the grounds after it has been brewed it will now give you that added punch;  and wow it blows your taste buds into overload.

Cavalla being very different has notes of Coconut naturally occurring in the bean Which again is picked up from the surrounding soils. So by adding the Medicine Flower Coconut Flavour extract it really brings out that coconut flavour in the bean.

Vanilla of course goes with dark chocolate like a hand in a Glove.

 Coca River has notes of banana, and blueberry naturally occurring in the bean picked up from the surrounding soils. So by adding Medicine Flower Banana Extract or Blueberry Extract it enhances those notes and changes the taste once again...........Be creative and Experiment with the limitless variations of flavours by trying your on combination.