Variety Sample Pack - ( packs of 6 flavors).

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                                                                                         SAMPLE PACKS......... NEW PACKAGING.


Experience cocoa the way it was meant to be! You'll enjoy the healthy and delicious chocolaty flavors of Crio's original Crio Brü varietals - Cavalla, Coca River, Cavalla French Roast, the newest (and extremely popular) varietal - Crio Brü is full of antioxidants and other minerals that help increase energy, reduce hunger and boost your immune system.

This Variety Sample Pack comes with:

  • A 99g sample bag of Cavalla grounds ( Now Re-named Ivory Coast Medium Roast), with natural hints of coconut and cinnamon, made from 100% cocoa beans.
  • A 99g sample bag of Coca River grounds (Now re-named Ecuador Dark Roast), with natural hints of green banana and blackberries, made from 100% cocoa beans.
  • A 99g sample bag of Cavalla French Roast grounds (Now Re-named Ivory Coast Dark Roast(darker roasted bean) about 70% of coffee lovers like this taste, although none coffee lovers like it too, with natural hints of coconut and cinnamon, made from 100% cocoa beans.
  • A 99g sample bag of Nigeria Medium Roast
  • A 99g sample bag of Nigeria Dark Roast
  • A 99g sample bag of Nigeria French Roast




CANADIAN ORDERS ONLY. Will only be shipped to a valid address within Canada.

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  • 5
    Lots of variety

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2017

    This is my first time drinking brewed cacao so this was a great way to try different flavours. I've only tried one but have loved it!

  • 5
    so delicious and a good kick of energy

    Posted by Kate Schat on 13th Feb 2017

    I think I had more energy with crio Bru then drinking coffee. Delicious, creamy, flavourful. Really good. I only wish free shipping on big bags was a smaller amount!

  • 5
    great way to sample different flavours

    Posted by Janine on 6th Dec 2016

    The variety pack is a great way to sample the different flavours. I keep finding a new favourite but enjoy them all.

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Nov 2016

    I'm not a coffee drinker but I love Crio Bru. I also love the health benefits. I've not tried all of them yet but so far I like the ones that I've tried.

  • 5
    Love this product

    Posted by Crystal on 3rd Nov 2015

    This variety pack is great for those who are new to crio bru or those who have only tried one of their flavours before.
    Must say that the Maya is my favourite, love the spicy sweet chocolately smooth flavour of it.

    I rave about this product to everyone I talk to, and I love putting the grounds after I have brewed it into my morning protein shake for a little extra :)

    I drink my bru straight up, nothing needs to be added to it because it is so delicious on its own.

  • 5
    bye bye caffeine

    Posted by Josh on 26th Jan 2015

    We all know how hard it is to kick coffee habit but the power of cacao seems to be doing the trick!

  • 4
    Great with coffee

    Posted by Lynne Howard on 12th Dec 2014

    We enjoyed criobru on its own, with milk and mixed 50/50 with coffee. All were delicious!

  • 5
    Great Introduction to a Fabulous Product

    Posted by Elizabeth Faber on 18th Oct 2014

    This is the best way to determine if you'll like the product (you will) and what roast is your absolute favourite.


  • 5
    Fabulous alternative to coffee

    Posted by Leah - Vancouver on 18th Oct 2014

    The variety pack of Crio arrived very quickly and I appreciated that there was no shipping fee. I tried what I thought would be my least favorites first. Being a simple black coffee fan I didn't think I would care for the flavored chocolate drinks. All of the flavorings were very subtle and if I didn't know they were there I could practically miss them, which would be my preference. This was a completely perfect alternative to coffee for me. I don't care for sweet or the calories that come with it.

    The chocolate grounds were great in my smoothies. A beautiful chocolate taste with a little bit of fruit was just delicious. Nice that there is no waste.

    The chocolate covered cocoa beans were irresistible. Yum! I didn't share.

    I will continue to buy Crio Bru. It is a nutritious and delicious alternative to coffee for me.