"I have come completely addicted to the Crio Beans and Bru. I gave a friend of mine some of the Cavalla with a french press and some of the Crio beans for her birthday. With in 10 minutes I received a text from her saying that she had just polished off her 3rd cup. I love this stuff!! I'm not fond of overly sweet hot chocolate and I don't drink coffee. This is the perfect substitute that I have been looking for. Thank you for making my life complete."

Janet B.

"I just got my order of Crio and it is AMAZING. Oh my. It's going to be a daily treat!"

Joann N.

"Where has this been all my life? I love this stuff! I am diabetic and there just isn't a good cocoa out there for me.  It is fabulous. I am so happy. Thank you for a great product!"

Jean E.

"As a firefighter I rely on mental and physical strength to perform my daily tasks. Every moring, the entire crew has a cup of Crio before our shift. Not only do I enjoy the taste of Crio, I have also found it is a healthy alternative to other morning beverages. I have experienced an increase of focus and energy that helps me get through my shift. I have also noticed that it has curbed my big appetite and dulled my nagging "sweet tooth". I won't start my day without it."

Brad - Career Firefighter

"I received a gift basket from my husband almost a year ago for Valentines Day. He knows how much I love chocolate and seeing that it was cocoa he felt safe in the purchase. Little did he know the gold mine that he was bringing home to me! From the very first cup I have LOVED the flavor . . . and that was before I had even read how good it was for me. Once I had taken the time to read the packaging I realized just the value of each cup from that moment on."

"Now almost a year later I am using it in my weight loss program. I have already lost 15 pounds and hope to lose another 10 more with good diet, exercise and a great cup of Crio Bru the weight is coming off easily."

"My friends are now all becoming fans as well. Whenever I get the chance I share in the wealth of each cup with them. Love Crio Bru!!"

Brenda T.

"I bought a starter kit, purely on taste. And thank the heavens I did! I now enjoy Crio Bru in place of coffee everyday: not only has my Starbucks expenditures gone down, but so has the crazy energy spikes. And because it’s so great on its own, I have no need to add sugar or cream. My digestive system sings to me now – it no longer screams in agony. My energy is more streamlined. And hey, I actually enjoy the Bru more than coffee. Even my fiancée has jumped on board: instead of coffee as we head to the mountains for a day of snowboarding, he enjoys some Bru with me. The energy lasts all morning, without the coffee hangover. I really can’t say enough about Crio Bru: if you haven’t tried it, get on it! It’s fabulous."

Jody M.

"I LOVE Crio Bru and one of my favorites is the Cavalla. I have others but for my "go to" Crio Bru it's this one every morning! I quite drinking coffee and replaced it with this for health reasons...my doctors and me are ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at the results! I no longer have an acidic PH level which is important in my health maintenance after a kidney transplant. I am getting loads of antioxidants and that is also apparent in my monthly blood tests! I am SO HAPPY to have a hot drink in the morning that is actually more satisfying...never thought I'd say that...than my coffee I thought I couldn't live without (40 year coffee drinker)! I look forward to starting my mornings with, what I've found to be, a wonderful coffee alternative FOR ME! Health benefits and flavor...YUMMY and YAY what a winning combination...thank you Crio Bru!"

Pamela K.

"My caffeine addiction goes in waves and when it peaks - at 4-5 cups a day - I try to go cold turkey an cleanse. Always a painful experience."

"I ordered a couple of bags of Crio Bru, 100% for taste (I am a dark chocolate freak). I opened the box and found the little card challenging me to a 10 day energy test. By day three - I repeat for emphasis... "by day three" - with zero intention of trying to get off caffeine, I went unnoticeably through and entire day without a single cup of anything I would normally drink for caffeine. This is SHOCKING stuff!!!! And delicious to boot."

Rich L.

"I work in with a bunch of software developers and our beverage of choice had always been CAFFEINE and more CAFFEINE. Work would buy it and we would just drink it down.  Of course we all knew the side effects of caffeine; crashing, jitters, and irritability; but after enjoying Crio Bru, we have changed our ways. We feel more awake then we had before and more energetic too (not always such a good thing for developers). We now have work getting Crio Bru for us and more and more are being converted every day. Thanks for the great product and thanks for being local, we enjoy it immensely."

Jarad  D.

"I suffer from severe anemia but LOVE coffee!! My new years resolution was to curtail my coffee drinking (sigh) and find a better alternative that had more bite than tea. I had a dream that I found or made a "good for you" coffee and I would be a happy camper. Well all be darned if I didn't walk into Harmon's and find your product!!! It is WONDERFUL. I will be bragging this up to all of my frineds and have already posted a link to facebook! You knocked this one out of the park! Can't wait to get a hold of the choc covered beans! Thank you!!"

Gina W.

"My brother put me on to the Bru a little while ago. Being in the Coast Guard, just about everyone functions on a constant stream of coffee. I have found that one cup of Crio keeps me more awake, alert and energetic than the multiple cups of coffee that my shipmates down during midnight watches. Also as a chef I have found many uses for the Bru as well as the grounds. A citrus-crio brined turkey will be gracing my thanksgiving table this year. As for Coca River…I simply like its flavor the best, especially iced."

Hans S.

"I really love your product. I'm a firefighter/paramedic and work 48 hour shifts. Having a high stress job I find Crio Bru helps me stay healthy and get through a long shift. I'm so glad to have discovered it."

Gina C.

"I really love this Crio Bru of yours. I felt the results immediately and my productivity has really rocketed, not in a way that you would usually expect from a stimulant or coffee, but from a very calm and focused approach. Count me in as one of your greatest fans - I will be buying bags for all of my friends and family to let them in on how awesome this product is."

Katrina B.

"My recent physicals had revealed that my blood pressure readings were starting to creep up into the higher levels and into the pre-hypertension range. The numbers were passable but still a concern. My doctor suggested losing a couple of pounds, continue to exercise, improve my eating habits and reduce my caffeine/coffee intake. I attempted to follow his suggestions but only (fully) complied with the reduction in caffeine advice. To counter and replace my coffee intake I began drinking Crio Bru. Shortly after starting Crio Bru, I began to see that my blood pressure readings were dropping. By my next physical, I had blood pressure levels that put me in the normal ranges. I have since had another physical and have taken many personal readings and I continue to see consistent blood pressure readouts that are in the normal and healthy range. I firmly believe that drinking Crio Bru and quitting coffee has played a huge role in reducing my blood pressure and is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle."

Greg T.

"Our whole family loves your Bru! I ordered some on a whim and it was a great decision. I especially love how versatile your product is, and that it came with so many ideas for its use. When we want more of a coffee flavor, we drink it plain. When we want that silky luxurious flavor, we add creamer and a touch of sugar. We also add the used grounds to fresh ground coffee and brew a delicious cup of "special" coffee that keeps you going for hours! Finally, I mix the used grounds into my garden soil. Thanks for such a great product!"

Maureen S.

"Discovered this at a little roadside general store in VT. Can't believe I have never run across it before! Made a cup when I got home and have had two more in the past two hours. I guess I'm making up for lost time ;-) I love how it is not sweet like hot chocolate or chocolate bars, yet has its own natural sweetness that makes it delicious to drink without adding any sugar."

Amanda X.

"Each morning my wife and I look forward to the simple pleasure afforded by a brewed cup of Crio. Living in the interior of Alaska where temperatures often reach -40 degrees and below, we find that a daily dose of Crio provides the perfect antidote for a long and dark winter day. We also appreciate the great customer service and timely deliveries given to us here at the edge of civilization."

Denis B.

"My husband and I can't go to sleep at night without our cup of "bru" and a biscotti.  It isn't as rich and heavy as hot chocolate so we don't feel guilty about a lot of calories.  My favorite is the Cavella but my husband loves it all."

Donna P.

"I just wanted to thank you for a great product. I was unsure about how it would taste or if I'd like it when I first heard about it, but after brewing it for a week now I'm hooked. One of my biggest problems is late evening/nighttime snacking. I would find myself in the kitchen looking for a "little something" several times a night. I tried drinking water every time I was hungry, but was still going through the fridge looking for something half an hour later.

Now when I feel like a snack in the evening I brew up some Crio Bru. I find it takes very little sweetener to make it perfect (unlike tea where it took way too much sugar and/or honey to sweeten). Now I'm only making that one trip for a snack and I'm done for the night. MY FOOD CRAVINGS ARE GONE! Plus, I get that chocolate fix. It is the best late night treat ever.

Now I'm experimenting with ways to make it. I've started mixing water and milk in a saucepan and tossing in the Crio Bru. I let it simmer for a minute or two and then pour it all into my French Press to hang out for another minute before I press and pour. It is really delicious. Thanks again for a great product!"

Rocky S.

"I just wanted to say I love your product and I love even more that you are globally and socially conscious. Thank you for being a fair trade company and treating our earth and all its inhabitants with respect. I love Crio Bru!!"

Marianne E.

"When I read that Crio Beans provide long lasting energy, I had to try them because I like to do century bike rides and I need something that is going to provide sustained energy. My training rides are usually between 40 and 50 miles with some as long as 80+ miles. I've noticed that I have been able to increase my average speed on these rides and knock a couple of minutes off my time.  Where I was in the low to mid-19 mph range, I'm in the low 20 mph range on some of my rides. I have set record times on everyone of my training rides after I started eating the Crio Beans. It doesn't hurt that they are incredibly delicious. Cheers!"

Jed W.

"I received my first bags of Crio Bru this past Christmas, and it quickly became my favorite gift this year. The first time I tried it, I thought, 'Where has this been all my life?'. I always used to drink my coffee iced, so that is how I drink my Crio, over ice with milk. No sugar needed! The Crio Bru is so smooth and rich, it has a great wholesome flavor without sweeteners. But I enjoy Crio for more than just the flavor. When I was drinking coffee every day, I had a lot of headaches, two or three a week at least. Since I switched to Crio, the headaches have subsided dramatically. I don't know if they were related to the caffeine or if it is something else, but I am enjoying many headache-free days now. Thank you Crio Bru!"

Marcia D.

"I recently gave up caffeine but I missed my energy boost. Being retired, I had the time to exercise but not the energy. After discovering Crio Bru, I'm now a huge fan! I call the benefits my Crio Trio – energy boost, stamina, and general feeling of well being."

"I'm thrilled to experience an energy boost after drinking Crio Bru in the morning. The best part is that it does not give me the jitters and it does not have a crash point like I have experienced in caffeine-loaded products. I love the benefit of having stamina for exercise, especially during my daily 5-mile walk. It allows me to feel alert, yet calm. Topping all the benefits for me is a general feeling of well being. I will keep telling people about this wonderful product. The fact that the taste is delicious and the aroma is wonderful makes it all the better."

Gail F.

"I ordered my Crio weeks ago and have had a cup everyday since it arrived. I have noticed that since I've been drinking my Crio cup daily, I have lost 2 pounds without even trying! So excited to enjoy my Crio and share it with others!"

Stacie P.

"I just had to write a note to say how much I love Crio! I have not been able to drink coffee for many years and have yearned for that delicious cup of brewed yumminess. I feel as if Crio brewed cocoa is an answer to my prayers! I so much enjoy filling my large mug with Cavalla Crio and a touch of cream, morning, evening, or both! I am a happy girl! Thank you so much for this fabulous product!"

Donna L.

"I know, I know... It sounds totally dramatic - how can a drink be "life changing?" Well... I used to be a big coffee drinker, drinking all day, every day - in my 20's I even worked at a coffee shop drinking as much espresso as I could possibly press... So, while I don't know if this was WHY, I'm sure it didn't help - in my late 20's I developed a heart condition. In the last 3 years, I've had 3 surgeries to correct it and I was told I really needed to lay of the caffeine. I haven't had a soda, or a cup of coffee in 3 years and it's really very frustrating! However, I learned when I do drink caffeine, my heart goes crazy (even post surgery). Well, I heard about Crio Bru on the radio and got some and took it to my doctor - he said he did't think there should be anything wrong, but if I have an episode obviously I can't have it again... Well, I've been drinking it for the last 2 weeks and no episodes! I'm down 5 lbs, AND I love it MORE than coffee!

I have found when I use a fat free Hazelnut creamer, it's like drinking liquid Nutella, which is about the most awesome thing I could ever imagine! I'm so happy having found this!!! It's not a coffee alternative - coffee is lesser Crio Bru alternative! "


"A cocoa bean does THAT?!"

"I am someone that has suffered from depression for over 20 years. When things were feeling pretty “dark,” I remembered that I had a package of Crio Brü in my pantry at home. I started drinking it. I made a mental note that I felt better each day I would have just one cup of the Crio. I began drinking it more and then noticed that each day I drank Crio I had zero bouts of depression. Life is still challenging, yet I can honestly say this brewed cocoa has given me back my life. Can’t believe I just said that, yet it’s true."

Kim B.

"I purchased my first bags of Crio Bru in the fall of 2011 and my daughter and I were hooked instantly. We loved experimenting with the different varieties and adding our own flavorings. Usually we'll have it plain or with a little sweetener (stevia or agave) and just enjoy the rich chocolate flavor, but if I feel like having something different on a certain day, I might add some cinnamon, or honey, or caramel, or creamer...the possibilities are endless! The energy boost from Crio Bru really is long-lasting and there's no jittery feeling like you get with caffeine. I always bring a warm thermos of Crio Bru to work with me as it helps me feel more alert during the workday and while driving home at night--the glare from other cars' headlights doesn't bother my eyes anymore! My adult daughter, who has some health problems that cause fatigue, sips her Bru throughout the day and it makes a noticeable difference in how well she functions. We recommend Crio Bru to friends all the time, because who wouldn't want to drink a hot mug of brewed cocoa with tons of antioxidants and hardly any calories?!"

Mary M.

"This might be the most srange, enlightening letter you've ever gotten. 10 years ago my 15 year old son died from an illness. I was devastated beyond anything you could ever imagine. I truly lost my mind, not in the crazy way, but in a post tramatic stress sorta way. I lost lots of memory capabilities, I am an artist and lost my ability to "see" an idea and paint it. I had no no vision for the future, I lost a piece of myself, for 10 years I have been going through the motions of life, cook, clean,do what needs to be done but in a minimal way. I never wanted to do anti depressant meds cause i never wanted to not feel my pain, i wanted to walk the grief path and heal. A few months ago I ordered some Crio Bru, liked it, started drinking it every morning hot with sweetner and icing the rest and drinking it during the day. I don't know exactly when it happened but I've started to regain my brain power. I am back to painting some, and being able to organize my thoughts again. I just completed reading a book last night, my first book since Mike died. That may not be big to you but its huge for me!Thank you so much!"

Brenda F.

"I have to tell you my Crio Bru experience. Since having my brain surgery, I've been taking a pretty high dose of an anti-seizure medicine. I thought I would only be on the med for a month or so, but I recently found out I will be taking it much longer- more like a year. This was quite disappointing because I've struggled with side effects from the drug. Lately, the worst side effect has been irritability. That is a common side effect and not something I want to have! As a wife to a wonderful man, the mother of 5 girls and a brain surgery survivor, I have SO MUCH to be grateful for. I am constantly expressing gratitude of how happy I am to be alive! My mom is still here and tending the twins at night, so I am not sleep deprived at all, yet even with getting plenty of sleep I find myself feeling very irritable and depressed. It has been a maddening battle because I want and should feel happy!"

"So, today I woke up and was battling the same bad feelings. No matter what I tried to do, I couldn't feel happy. I did everything I could think of to get my mind thinking positively. Then, I had what seemed like a random thought come to me. I thought of Crio Bru and thought I should make some and drink it. So, I got out of bed and brewed some in my french press. I felt desperate and hoped that somehow maybe the drink would help. I have a small press- maybe 16 oz?? I poured 5 tablespoons into the press because I knew I wanted it strong! 30 minutes after drinking nearly the whole thing- 12 oz or so- I felt my mood completely change. I've been feeling wonderful ever since and that was at 10 this morning! It's 11 hours later now!!!"

"I am convinced that the Crio Bru is a direct answer to my problem. I'm not trying to seem melodramatic when I say that I felt like I was in the depths of despair. I hated the way I felt and I didn't want to feel that way any more. I am so, SOOOO happy!!!"

"My Mom is also thrilled because she's seen the dramatic change in me and wants to know how she can get some! I'll be starting each day with a large mug of freshly brewed Crio Bru! :)"

Melyssa E.

"Five years ago I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome, a condition where the blood circulation to my fingers and toes is cut-off when my core body is cold, which seems to happen a lot.  I had tried several different more natural solutions, including popular acai drinks and wearing gloves everywhere I went (including my own house!), because I didn’t want to take pills that would do more damage than good to my body.  Frustrated with not only the annoyance and hassle this condition caused, but the pain as well, my husband discovered Crio.  We decided to test out the drink to see if we noticed an improvement.  I can honestly attest to a difference I notice in my circulation:  there is a definite increase in circulation to my fingers and toes to the point that I no longer have to wear gloves inside my home anymore.  I can actually feel a tingling sensation in the tips of my fingers and toes when I use the drink—a significant improvement from feeling numb continually."

"I’m grateful  to have discovered something that makes a marked improvement in my circulation that at the same time is healthy and good for my body.  Thank you Crio!"

Carli B.

"I have searched and searched for a warm drink that wasn't coffee based and was so happy to find Criobru! I loved it so much I gave a bag to my boss who had just started a new diet and couldn't find a good hot chocolate. She loved it."

Ginger W.

"I have been using Crio Cavalla as part of my new years promise to myself to develop healthier habits. I have a cup of Crio every day to help curb my hunger as the afternoon wears on. I really love the taste, and it feels like a treat, and is a very healthy addition to my diet! I share it while at work, and have made several new converts as well!"

Leah S.

I read your article in the Salt Lake Tribune a few months ago and had to give it a try! I found my first bag at Harman's and loved it at first sip! Whenever I need a warm "pick me up" I just brew up a cup of Crio and it definitely lifts me up far better than a sugary, high calorie coffee drink would. I will always have some in my cupboard from now on! I have gotten numerous family members hooked and even sent a started kit to my brother in California for his birthday. I know he'll love it as much as I do.

Nancy B.

"I absolutely love Crio!  I had to stop drinking coffee and Crio was the best solution for me. I am so happy that I found it. Thanks Crio!"

T. Forsythe